Why for Students

Why Should prospective students consider enrolling in Southeast School of Ministry?

Six reasons to consider enrolling:

  1. To Discover your Calling
    We help you identify and understand God's call on your life.
  2. To Live with Mission
    We help you discover your talents and learn how they connect with the Great Commission.
  3. To Find your Place (in the Church)
    We help you find a meaningful way to serve in the Church.
  4. To Learn How to Use your Bible Well
    We help you learn how to apply God's Word in a secular society.
  5. To Enlarge your Sense of "Community"
    We connect you with a diverse community of fellow learners from a variety of cultures in the southeast.
  6. To Connect with Experienced Leaders
    We will connect you with ministry leaders from around the world who have years of experience and give you the opportunity to interact with them on a weekly basis.

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