Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To equip and launch a generation of leaders with confidence in their God-designed calling to engage in the Great Commission wherever that calling takes them.

Our Vision

We believe in the promise in Ezekiel 34:29 that God will make our "land famous for its crops." Not only does that include a harvest of churches and new believers, but also, specifically, young leaders who have grown in the fields of our local churches.

Our region's mission includes making disciples and developing leaders. We are determined to do all we can to assist our churches in those areas of mission as it relates to young leaders. Rather than looking to other fields for prospective leaders, we choose to grow our own within our own fields believing God will make our land famous for the crops of new leaders.

We will utilize our own pastors and experienced Open Bible leaders to lead classes, provide mentorship, and to expose a new generation to practical ministry skills that apply to any setting.

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